Help Choose New Name for Connecticut Tigers Baseball Team

The Connecticut Tigers minor league baseball team is changing its name and inviting fans to choose among the five finalists. 

Voting takes place online through Oct. 18 and the new name will be revealed in November. Vote here.

The team asked for name suggestions in April and said they received nearly 700 responses. 

Norwich Golden Roses

The Golden Roses pays tribute to Norwich’s history as “The Rose of New England,” which led to the moniker of The Rose City. 

Norwich Mill Mules

The Mill Mules celebrates Norwich’s rich textile history. 

Norwich Narwhals

The Narwhals is a tribute to the Unicorn of the Sea, allegedly seen by merchant sailors as they sailed to and from Chelsea Landing at the Norwich harbor.  

Norwich Salty Dogs

The Salty Dogs celebrates the city’s seafaring captains. A salty dog is a nickname for a sailor who has spent much of his or her life aboard a ship at sea.

Norwich Sea Unicorns 

“The Sea Unicorns is a tribute to the mythical sea creatures and lore that legendary Norwich sea captains would see and experience during their travels. These captains were known for their skill in avoiding imperial taxation during peacetime and later at eluding warships during war but would also bring back to Norwich tall tales of close encounters with mythical creatures along the way.”

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