Herman Cain, the Action Figure

Herobuilders has released a Herman Cain action figure.

When a political figure becomes part of pop culture, you can bet that the folks at Oxford-based Herobuilders are paying attention and planning exactly how to immortalize that person in plastic.

Herman Cain is the company’s newest action figure and it goes on sale today.

“We are very happy to add Herman Cain to the Herobuilders.com lineup,” the company said in an e-mail sent over the weekend.

For $39.95, you can own the plastic version of the Republican businessman/presidential candidate.

Of course, much of the news on Cain in recent days focuses on sexual harassment allegations and, as Herobuilders often does, it  has created a second doll that you're not likely to give children on your holiday list.

“You can even get Herman Cain with a playmate,” Herobuilders’ e-mail said. The cost: $65.95.

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