Hero Saves Toddler After 20 Foot Fall

A toddler is recovering in the hospital after surviving a 20 feet from an apartment unti window in Bridgeport.  Witnesses say it's all thanks to a quick thinking neighbor who gave the boy mouth to mouth just moment after the fall.

At around 6:45 p.m. Thursday the child fell out of the second floor window of a Jane Street home neighbors said. They said they saw the 3-year-old land on the ground about 20 feet below; he wasn’t moving or breathing.
That’s when a man identified only as Carmelo did something he says was instinctive.
“I looked at him and he wasn’t breathing.  She was telling me not to touch him but I couldn’t let him die if I knew that he needed air,” said Carmelo.
Fire officials say the toddler was taken by ambulance to Bridgeport hospital with a dislocated shoulder.
Parents on Jane Street say they’re holding their kids a little closer now.
“It’s unbelievable, you have to be 24 hours with your kids you have to all the time be there with them,” said neighbor Aida Nieves.

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