High Pollen Count Plagues Spring Allergy Sufferers

Seasonal allergy sufferers always know when pollen is in the air.

The pollen count is expected to remain high all week in Connecticut.

“It’s when the trees start to bud. My nose starts to become runny. I’ll get little headaches,” said Rachel Russo of Westbrook.

At Go Health Urgent Care in Avon, doctors say they’ve been busy.

“All of a sudden the pollen out The spores are out from the trees everything is blooming and you kind of see this big rush of people Who is congested and who have a lot of sinus pressure,” explained Dr. Jason Kurtzman.

He said to try over the counter medications first, but know when to see a doctor.

“If you’re really having any difficulty breathing, you’re unable to sleep at night, you have a lot of facial swelling and puffiness where your eyes are really starting to get affected, you’re having difficulty hearing certainly if you’re having any fevers or chills,” Kurtzman said.

Kutzman said if you don’t treat seasonal allergies they won’t get any worse, and they’ll eventually go away with the season. In most cases, it’s just a matter of comfort.

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