Gun Scare at Hamden High

Hamden High School was locked down when a teenager was spotted with a gun after school hours.

Hamden police are still looking for the teenager who was reported to have had a gun inside Hamden High School Thursday. More police have been assigned to the school as the search continues. 

Panic erupted at 2 p.m. when students spotted another teen they did not recognize, dressed all in black and wearing a black and green bandana, drop a gun in the first floor hallway.

“He then picked it up and ran up the stairs to the second floor of the high school,” Hamden Police Captain Ronald Smith said.

It was after dismissal, but the school was placed in lockdown as a precaution. Police searched the school but didn’t find anything or anyone.

The school reopened hours later and after school activities and sports events went on as normal.

Still, parents and students are questioning their safety. 

"You think that you send them off to school and that they're safe, and you worry when you hear something like that," said Elaine Delillo, whose daughter is a freshman at the school.  “This is like the second incident that happened at the high school this year and you would hope that with the guards and the security, that it would be a little more secure for the children.”
Police don't know if the teen is a Hamden High student. Until they determine who he is, patrols will be increased around the school.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Hamden police detective division. The number is 203-230- 4040.

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