Teddy Balkind

High School Hockey Player Didn't Fall Before Deadly Injury: School Officials

A high school hockey player at St. Lukes School in New Canaan didn't fall on the ice before succumbing to an injury earlier this month, according to school officials.

Teddy Balkind, a 10th-grade hockey player at St. Luke's School in New Canaan, died after an accident during a game against the Brunswick School in Greenwich.

In a statement, St. Lukes said Balkind didn't fall to the ice - instead, he was skating upright and low.

"During the normal course of play, another player’s leg momentarily went into the air and, through no fault of anyone’s, or any lack of control, his skate cut Teddy," the statement reads.

St. Luke's Head of School Mark Davis emphasized that nobody is at fault for the accident.

"These boys were excellent skaters, playing a great and fair game when an unimaginable accident wreaked havoc," he said in a statement.

The hockey community across the country is still grappling with the tragic death of high school hockey player Teddy Balkind and one of his friends is pushing to require neck guards for youth hockey.

Davis applauded the heroic efforts of coaches, medics and players during the incident.

"The Balkinds know these teams are carrying the weight of this tragedy on their shoulders. They hope setting the record straight will lift some of that weight and help the healing begin," the statement continued.

The school community remembered Balkind for his "joyful light."

"Everyone comments on Teddy’s 'megawatt' smile, but it was the light behind that smile that drew so many to this extraordinary young man. Teddy came to St. Luke’s in fifth grade and brought with him an easy laugh, insatiable curiosity, and infectious love of life. During the six years he grew up with us, he was a friend to all, and a leader with deep empathy and a strong moral compass," St. Luke's said.

"Teddy approached life with honesty and bravery. He faced adversity (such as a severe mountain biking injury) with unshakeable optimism and courage. At a very young age, Teddy was already the kind of person many of us strive to be—kind, joyful, and the light, everywhere he went, though he never sought the limelight. We will miss him as deeply as one would miss the sun should it leave us suddenly," they continued.

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