High Voter Turnout in Waterbury

The Waterbury Registrar of Voters said there has been heavy voter turnout at the 21 polling sites.

The turnout has been so heavy, polling officials have had to bring more voter registration and ballot cards to several sites.

There are about 60,000 registered voters in Waterbury.

Six to 12 people work each of the poll sites and there are about 200 poll workers totals.

“I think I checked over 130 people in two hours," said Joan D'Orso, who volunteered at the Crosby High School poll site Tuesday morning.

"Yeah, it was steady," her husband, Joe, said. “Actually the line went from the door all the way out to the parking lot.”

A similar sight could be seen across polling locations in the city. 

One site, Kennedy High School, already had a 50 percent voter turn-out by noon and moderators there said they saw many young voters.

Isaiah Kemp was one of them and said, thanks to the volunteers, they made the process less confusing.

“People were very nice you know, they guided me to where I needed to go to fill out paperwork and stuff like that,” Kemp said.

Polling officials also said they have seen a steady number of people using same-day registration.

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