Sale Crushed: Tree Falls Onto Classic Truck

A Manchester man's quest to sell a truck just got more difficult

For Pierre Marteney of Manchester, selling his son-in-law's 1965 Ford F-250 just got a lot more complicated. 

The classic car was sitting in yard of their Hackmatack Road home when a tree came crashing down, right on top of it, in the powerful storm Thursday morning.

"I really couldn't believe it.  I looked out the door and there it was," Pierre Marteney said.  

The tree smashed through the cab, shattered the windshield and crushed the hood of the truck that was almost entirely original and had been driven just 10,000 miles.

Marteney's son-in-law decided it was good idea to put the truck for sale on the lawn because he didn't have anywhere to keep it. That didn't quite work out the way he'd hoped. 

"He had a place to store it last winter and we had a place this winter, but he felt bad not having it in a garage," Marteney said.

Winds not only damaged the truck, but also banged up three cars after landing on the pickup. 

The one thing the tree did miss: the house, just a few yards away.

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