Higher Parking Fines in Hartford

Hartford’s Parking Authority announced this week that there will be new, higher fines for certain parking violations.

Eric Boone, the CEO of the HPA, said the HPA has worked to try to improve surface parking around the city as a way to make businesses more accessible for those traveling by car around Hartford.

There are now clearly marked spaces on the streets of Downtown Hartford. If someone parks outside of those lines, then they will be fined $45. Exemptions will be given for oversize cars or trucks if they spill over the lines.

“The goal is to provide as much access as possible to downtown businesses,” Boone said. “If anything, we’re providing more access by ensuring people follow the outlines of spaces.”

Parking time limits and paying for parking will also be enforced with more rigor. It will cost $45 if a driver doesn’t pay for parking, while it will cost $25 if someone’s meter runs out of time. There is a five minute grace period to refill a meter, Boone pointed out and said if a $25 fine is paid within three days.

Boone says these are issues that large cities have been dealing with for a long time and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the city of visiting the city.

He said if people just pay for parking and stay for the proper amount of time, then there won’t be any issue.

“If you’re being reasonable, this will not affect you at all,” he said.

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