Hire Local: Town Pushes Program to Help Local Workers

The South Windsor Chamber of Commerce webpage pushes for in-town hires.

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South Windsor is a slightly larger Connecticut town, with a population of 26,000.  Like many other places, it has had hundreds looking for work due in part to coronavirus.  

The South Windsor Chamber of Commerce said it has come up with a way to get some of those folks back to work, not too far from home.

You’ve heard the phrase “buy local,” and now one Connecticut town decided to step that up a notch, introducing something called "hire local," to help folks out of work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

South Windsor Camp Bow Wow owner Tami Sarra-Romejko said you can’t overstate the value of having truly local people working at your business. 

"Proximity.  Less traffic.  Getting to work.  There’s fewer issues in being late and things like that.

The chamber has put the Hire Local web page on its website.  It includes help wanted postings and a place to post resumes.

Chamber volunteer president Mike Sanzo told NBC Connecticut it came up with this concept two and a half months ago when this pandemic first hit. 

“We were anticipating heavy layoffs which unfortunately has come through and we wanted a way for our community members to be able to connect with local businesses once they were reopening and rehiring.”

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