Hit-And-Run Victim Speaks Out


New video shows a hit-and-run crash that left an elderly woman with severe injuries.

Juana Hostos, 82, was walking home from a Stratford gas station last March when a car backed right over her. Months later, she's still waiting for justice.

"I was crying when I see the video. I was so sad," said Hostos. "When they hit me, nothing. I woke in the hospital."

Hostos had been waiting for the bus here at this Citgo at the corner of Pearl Harbor Street and Success Avenue in Stratford.

"I went to the gas station to get coffee because it was a little chilly and the bus didn't come right away and then I hit the parking lot and I don't remember nothing," Hostos said.

Hostos' family said she was knocked unconscious by a car with Massachusetts plates.

"They don't get the guy yet. I don't know what's going to happen," Hostos said.

After the crash, two men got out and looked at her. A gas station attendant said they even tried to prop her up in a seated position before speeding off.

"You're supposed to stay…you're supposed to stay no matter what," Hostos said.

Hostos says she was in the hospital for a week. She still has back pain, headaches and memory loss. She used to run errands and go shopping by herself but now walks with a cane.

"Thank god I'm still alive," Hostos said. "Because it happened to me…it could happen to somebody else and he's going to do the same thing."

Hostos moved from Puerto Rico in 1951 and has raised her kids and grandchildren in Bridgeport.

Police have arrested the owner of the car but they have yet to find the suspect who was driving, 27-year-old Michael Hainsworth.

Hostos says an arrest will put her more at ease.

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