Hold On to Your Hat! Breezy Day Across the State

Trees went down and power lines fell as winds gusted up to 50 miles per hour across the state

Gusty winds breezed across Connecticut Thursday.  The strongest wind gust of 49 miles per hour was reported in Groton.

Along the shoreline, hundreds were left in the dark for most of the afternoon and some got stuck at home because of fallen trees.

"My phone conversation went dead. I came out and I like oh! I couldn't believe I saw this stuff," said Marina Benas of Cheshire.

Most of the front yards on Tanglewood Circle and Bradford Drive in Cheshire were covered with pine tree branches. Strong wind gusts whipped the large tree around and snapped several of its branches. Most of the tree fell right onto the road blocking the exit for the homes behind it.

"You're always worried when there's trees around your house." said Frank Palmier. He says he wasn't surprised however because his area has a history of fallen trees. "This neighborhood used  to loaded with trees. This past Spring a tree fell on this guys house across the street, they're always coming down," he says.

Clean up crews sawed off the bigger pieces and turned it into mulch, on the spot.

One area of the state that was caught off guard was Meriden. A large tree fell on the Berlin Turnpike, taking down power lines and closing the road for several hours.

Out on the water in the Mystic Harbor, the gusts cut waves into the Long Island Sound and anything that was not tied down was at risk of flying away.

"We don't leave anything out. No wheelbarrows, nothing... I think things should be in, knowing the climate," said Jane Dickus of Cheshire.

Most of the power has been restored. So far no injuries have been reported.

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