Home Heating Oil in Connecticut Will Now Be Blended With Biodiesel

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On July first, a new Connecticut state law will require all home heating oil to be blended with a new, sustainable, green liquid fuel.

Cooking oil from local restaurants is being turned into a renewable fuel called biodiesel. And experts say it’s good for Connecticut and the environment.

"The state of Connecticut is immensely concerned about environmental justice communities, low-income communities, middle-income people. this fuel delivers no cost, with all the environmental benefits," said Chris Herb, President of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association.

"Who would've thought, the same French fries we eat, is the same fuel that keeps your homes warm?" he added.

Restaurants will dispose of the oil into special bins that'll eventually make its way to a processing plant.

Stephen H. Sack Jr. is the owner of one of the largest biodiesel distributors in southern New England.

"We'll take that and mix it in with the heating oil, and then it'll go from there to a wholesale terminal, into a retail truck, and into your home," Sack said.

For years, restaurants needed to pay companies to come and dispose of the hazardous waste properly, but now they’re getting paid for it.

"The amount of money is always varying but it's usually between 20 and 30 cents a gallon," said David Borselle, owner of Little Oak Cafe.

Biodiesel reduces carbon dioxide by 80 percent and has the ability to become carbon neutral -- simply put -- a balance is created between emitting carbon and absorbing it from the atmosphere.

Over the past several years, used cooking oil has become a hot commodity and people have risked their lives to get it.

Earlier this month, two men from New York suspected of stealing used cooking oil from a pizza shop in Old Saybrook led police on a high-speed chase along I-95.

Heating oil experts said no changes need to be made to your current heating system to use this renewable fuel.

The ultimate goal is to replace home heating oil with 100% biodiesel.

Editor's Note: Tuesday's event was held at a restaurant owned by a family member of an NBC Connecticut employee.

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