Homeowners Object to New Cell Transmitter Near East Rock in New Haven

Homeowners near East Rock are opposed to Verizon’s proposal to install a small cell transmitter on a utility pole next to Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven.

“I live here with my mom, I’ve lived here all my life,” Fred Morris said. “I’m praying it doesn’t go up.

Morris and three neighbors received a letter in the mail last month, detailing the plans to place new equipment on the poll next to Wilbur Cross High School.

“I just don’t think it should be there, another thing is it’s close to the school,” Morris said. “Why didn’t they notify the school?”

Lydia Esposito lives further than 140 feet from the poll, so she didn’t get a pamphlet in the mail. She heard about the proposal her neighbors who did and she shares similar health concerns.

“Concerned for each student who goes to this school,” she said, “plus my granddaughter”

According to the letter from Verizon’s attorney, “federal and state law permits it to install and operate new antennas and associated equipment on utility poles in the public rights of way.”

But first, the nearby property owners are getting a public hearing because they spoke up and haven’t given their consent.

Until then, both Esposito and Morris are wondering why the equipment to improve wireless service can’t go further from their homes.

“Up East Rock,” Esposito said, “up the mountain.”

“They got other ones up there,” Morris said. “That mountain is huge. They could put it on top of the monument up there.”

The New Haven Board of Alders confirmed to NBC Connecticut that Verizon representatives will address the proposal Monday Oct. 26 at the East Rock Community Management meeting at 7 p.m.

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