Foal, Gets New Name, Donations After Icy Plunge

People offer money, name for rescued Goshen Foal

From expressions of concern, to possible names and even modest amounts of money, a Goshen woman is thanking people who came forward after her horse and husband fell through the ice last month.

Kim Garcia said she thought she might lose her husband Robert after their quarter horse fell through an icy pond near a Newcomb Road farm in January.  Robert tried to save the horse, but ended up falling in himself.  Rescue crews were able to pull both horse and man safely from the water.

In the weeks since, Kim Garcia has received many letters from people offering everything from their love, to names for the horse and modest amounts of money. 

Garcia told the Register Citizen that she wants to use the money to run a shelter to care for unwanted horses and is looking to receive a certified nonprofit designation. 

The Garcias have decided to name the horse "Gracious Bailey." 

The name "Gracious" comes from one family who wrote them a letter, and "Bailey" is in honor of Jimmy Stewart's character from "It's a Wonderful Life."

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