Horses Rescued from Collapsed Barn

Fourteen horses were rescued from a barn at Sun Gold Stables in Bethany Wednesday night. The barn collapsed from the heavy snow on the roof.

The owner was inside when the collapse occurred. Her brother, Ron DaSilva told NBC Connecticut that she was feeding horses at the time when the roof caved in.

He said, “(She) just saw all the snow overwhelmed the roof. It collapsed while she was in it and blew her out of the barn 15 to 20 feet out of the barn and trapped the horses inside.”

She was not injured.

For over four hours firefighters from Bethany and surrounding towns joined in the rescue. One by one each horse was carefully freed from the rubble. The last horse was saved at around 8pm. All of the horses suffered just scrapes and cuts according to the fire department.

Not only were there dozens of firefighters aiding in the rescue, but also people from all over the town came out to help. Veterinarians, fellow stable owners and horse lovers brought blankets, food and even extra horse trailers.

“Everybody's horse people around here and they're just doing a phenomenal job helping out,” said DaSilva.

The horses will be examined by a veterinarian. The owners of the stable said they were very thankful so many people came out to help.

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