House of Heroes Helps Retired Hamden Firefighter

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House of Heroes started its season a little earlier this year as the group came together in Hamden on Saturday to build a ramp for a veteran and retired firefighter in need.

"When we got a call to help one of our own, we just put the team together," said retired Hamden Fire Department Chief Gary Merweed.

The team of volunteers from House of Heroes Connecticut included Hamden firefighters who all came to the aid of retired Hamden firefighter Paul Turner.

Turner, who served the Town of Hamden for more than 26 years and is also a 21-year Air Force veteran has been left bound to a wheelchair after he suffered a massive stroke last September.

He's currently in rehabilitation, but visits home during the weekend. The handicap ramp that was built on Saturday will go a long way toward making Turner's time at home more manageable.

Turner said he couldn't be more thankful for the help.

"it’s been very humbling. It’s a slow steady race that I will win. I appreciate all the efforts. House of Heroes has been fantastic and I can’t say enough about them," Turner said.

"He’s part of the crew right? So we’re here for him and you know, frankly I went through a rough spot years ago and he was there for me and this is what we do," Merweed added.

Turner said he is feeling good, he's in high spirits and is determined to walk once again.

House of Heroes hopes to work on over 30 homes this season.

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