Housing Resource Corporation Reopens After Pepper Spray Incident

Housing Resource Corporation reopened Monday morning and handed out the remaining applications for housing vouchers days after chaos ensued outside the office Friday morning.

On Friday, four people, including a baby, were taken to the hospital after a woman sprayed pepper spray into the crowd of 150 people who were waiting in line to apply for housing vouchers for low-income families.

People had started lining up the night before and some started pushing their way forward and cutting the line when a man from the office started passing out the 75 available voucher applications Friday.

Police said a woman squirted pepper spray into the crowd, which hurt a baby, the baby’s mom and two other people who were transported to the hospital.

Police responded and dispersed the crowd.

People at the scene said 25 to 30 of the 75 vouchers had been passed out before the crowd was dispersed, leaving many of them wondering if and when the remaining vouchers will be given out.

The building closed down for the day. When it reopened Monday, Housing Resource Corporation did not have a comment.

Police said Friday that they will be looking at video from a security camera to get a photo of the woman with the pepper spray.

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