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How to Get Cash Back When You Have a Gift Card Balance in CT

State law allows you to get a refund on balances of less than $3 and lawmakers are considering raising the amount to $5.

A gift card being exchanged through hands

Connecticut law requires businesses to give you a cash refund when you have a small balance on many gift cards bought in the state and lawmakers are considering a bill that would increase the amount you could get back.

How to Get a Gift Card Balance Refund in CT

State law requires that a business must provide a cash refund when you have a balance of less than $3 on a gift card, but there are some restrictions.

The card must have been sold in Connecticut and you need to request a refund, according to the state Department of Consumer Protection. See more on the rules here.

To be covered by state law, the gift card must have been sold in Connecticut and not be backed by a federal financial institution.

The Department of Consumer Protection said that certain qualifying gift certificates and gift cards cannot have an expiration date or inactivity fee.

What the CT Gift Card Refund Does Not Apply For

However, not all cards purchased in a store are gift cards. For instance, reloadable pre-paid cards are not gift cards. Get more information online here.

Increasing the Amount You Can Get Back?

A bill before the general assembly would allow for a cash refund when the balance is less than $5.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Gift Card

The state Department of Consumer Protection urges people who receive a gift certificate or gift card to try to spend the entire balance as soon as possible and register your gift card when possible to help protect you in case your card is lost or stolen.

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