How to Get Relief From Those Fall Allergies

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Fall allergy season is here, and it has many people reaching for the tissues.

This time of year it's predominantly ragweed pollen causing runny noses and itchy eyes, though it could also be things like mold or dust.

Dr. Jeffrey Factor of Hartford HealthCare says there are some ways to get relief.

"There are a number of good over-the-counter options available for allergy sufferers. They include a variety of nasal sprays. Usually, the best ones are the ones that contain a small amount of a nasal steroid like the Flonase or Nasonex brand products."

Factor said paring that with a non-sedating antihistamine can lessen symptoms, especially if you're able to take them as a preventative before symptoms start.

The fall allergy season can last well into November, Factor said. Usually a good hard frost will end the worst of it.

Factor said many people ask how to tell the difference between seasonal allergies and a case of Covid-19. He said allergy symptoms are usually chronic, and that there are some key things to look out for if you're worried about the coronavirus.

"Patients will allergies don't experience a cough, fever or shortness of breath, possibly associated with loss of acute loss of smell or taste," Factor said.

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