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How to Keep Accounts Safe on Cyber Monday

Security breaches have been on the rise in recent months, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from shopping online. A record $6.6 billion is expected to be spent online during Cyber Monday. 

“I just feel like I’m in my PJs and I get to relax,” said Gabriella Warner, of Cheshire. 

“I’ve shopped more online this year than I have before,” Nicole Collins, of New Haven, said. 

Collins says it wasn’t online, but in a store where her credit card was compromised and she’s now more mindful about where her money is going. 

“I have my debit card on security to see when there is weird charges that aren’t mine,” Collins said. 

That’s exactly what security experts said everyone should be doing: monitoring accounts for suspicious activity. 

“You can set up a text message or email for your credit card or your debit card that says if the transaction hits a certain volume or amount send me a text alert,” said Brian Kelly, Quinnipiac University’s chief information security officer. 

“I’m pretty careful where I’m going. I’m making sure it’s the official sites that I’m going on,” Warner said. 

Kelly said the key to knowing your information is safe when you’re surfing the web is in the bar at the top. Look for https before the website’s name and a lock icon. 

“That’s always a good way to know that you’re at the site you think you’re at and that your information between your computer and that site is secure,” said Kelly. 

Be mindful of pop-up ads, especially on social media. Above all, realize that your credit card information isn’t any more vulnerable online than it is when you’re standing in line. 

“The question is, is it safe to shop anywhere? Wherever you do a transaction, whether it’s a brick and mortar on ground or online they’re going to have your credit card data,” said Kelly. 

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