Hundreds Gather for Waterbury Tree Lighting

Right now, the Waterbury Green is shining a little brighter.

On Sunday, hundreds checked out the city’s tree lighting.

“This is nice, bringing the spirit back to the city of Waterbury,” said Nancy Galvin, of Waterbury.

Anticipation was building as the clock approached six o’clock. And all eyes focused on a newly installed tree on the Green.

“I feel like it’s a good way to bring the community together. I feel like it’s really working out. Everybody is coming together. Everybody is happy,” said Jonathan Velasquez, of Waterbury.

Earlier people got the chance to see Santa, take a hayride, or grab something hot to eat or drink.

And the weather cooperated.

“It was awful last week. But it’s nice and warm,” said Kathy Scarpa, of Waterbury.

As for the new addition to the Green, many hope the tree will be lit for decades to come, though of course, more lights will be needed as it grows.

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