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Hundreds Participate in 14th Annual Walnut Beach Ice Cream 5K in Milford

Talk about a sweet incentive. Nearly 500 runners pounded the streets of Milford Sunday in a 5k where the final reward was ice cream.

“It would probably get me up in the morning and able to run a 5k if I knew ice cream was the treat at the end of the day,” said Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Milford Megan Altomare.

The Walnut Beach Ice Cream run was started by Milford ice cream shop owner Susan Patrick, who wanted to showcase her community. She said she wanted to get more people to the beach area and to do so, provided a delicious incentive.

“Thirteen years ago when I started the creamery, I decided to do a 5k race and I thought maybe serving ice cream at the end of the race would get people To come out and run a little,” said Patrick who owns the Walnut Beach Creamery, which provided treats at the end of the race.

For Patrick, it is a triple scoop opportunity. She is able to promote her ice cream business and Milford beach area while benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Milford, where all race proceeds go.

“Because of this race, we’re able to serve over 600 kids a year,” explained Altomare. “This is one of our major events and we’re able to charge a minimal fee of $200 per year for kids to attend our program every single day after school.”

The race itself was a great success. Jake Mattei and Alli Keneally were the top male and female finishers, but even for them, the real winners were the children benefiting from this charitable run.

“It’s always nice to come out here and run a road race, but to do it for the kids is awesome,” said Jake Mattei of Bethany, who was the top male finisher with a time of 16:08.

Top female finisher Alli Keneally of Shelton agrees, “It means a lot to me because if I was a little kid and I saw that people were running for me to have programs in the summer, I would be very grateful."

Believe it or not, after running a 5k, some runners aren’t in the mood for ice cream. No worries though. Runners can bring their numbers to the Walnut Beach Creamery until October to celebrate their sweet finish.

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