Hundreds Rally for More Funding, Push for Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

NBC Connecticut

Hundreds of people rallied outside the state Capitol Monday, calling for the governor to increase funding of education, health care and other programs through higher taxes on higher-income groups.

On this tax day, they called for Gov. Ned Lamont to take a more progressive view of taxation and make the most wealthy pay their fair share. Otherwise, they believe the state can’t adequately fund education, health care, affordable housing and other programs.

“One reason I’m here is equity for all students. We are the richest state in the richest country and I feel that our funding formula is not equitable to all students in the state of Connecticut,” Marilyn Della Rocco, a CES teacher, told NBC Connecticut.

Supporters of what they call the recovery for all think the governor’s proposed budget falls short of what is needed.

Max Reiss, a spokesperson for Gov. Ned Lamont, responded with this statement:

“The governor has been clear on this for months: Connecticut doesn’t need more taxes. We need more taxpayers. We can invest in the critical programs in our cities to provide access to opportunity and increase equity in our communities through a combination of federal recovery act dollars and a no broad tax increase budget.”

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