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Hundreds Rally in New Haven Following Breonna Taylor Case Decision

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Emotions are running high, including here in Connecticut, following the announcement that no officers were charged with the death of Breonna Taylor.

Protests have popped up in the state and there was a fairly large one Thursday night in New Haven.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker was among those saying what happened to Breonna Taylor was wrong and the officers should be held accountable.

Hundreds of people demanding justice and hoping for change stood up and marched for hours through the streets of New Haven.

“The fact that they are being indicted for shooting a wall and not the woman. It’s an absolutely disgusting situation and that’s why I think I needed to show up for this. As a biracial woman, it could have been anyone in my family,” said Jordan Perry of New Haven.

Before taking their message throughout the city, people rallied on the New Haven Green.

“I just feel I have to come show my support because we’re tired of what’s happening in the country in general. But I feel like something has to be done,” said Lois Owunna of New Haven.

Many are growing increasingly frustrated by a system they feel has failed too many people of color.

“It’s not okay what’s going on in this world. I’m white privilege. I’m going to stand up and stand in front of anybody that is indifferent,” said Rebecca LeQuire of New Haven.

LeQuire is an art teacher in New Haven and painted a portrait of Breonna Taylor.

“I want them to see and think and remember her and say her name. It’s that simple,” said LeQuire.

Governor Ned Lamont also weighed in saying that Taylor died needlessly.

He adds this serves as a reminder it’s necessary to do everything possible to protect those like her.

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