Hurricane Dorian Could Wipe Out Vacation Plans

At Bradley International Airport people departing on flights to Florida Wednesday said they’re watching this storm, worried about what Hurricane Dorian will mean for their travel plans.

Carolyn Rios was heading to Disney for a huge family trip with her daughters.

“I’m hoping that it doesn’t hit Florida,” she said. “I don’t wanna cry because it could be a really sad birthday for my niece. We always make it through the weather, but we are looking forward to a good, sunny fifth birthday that the whole entire family can enjoy.”

Dorian gathered strength and became a hurricane Wednesday afternoon.

Caroline Padilla from Glastonbury just returned from Florida. She said people there are preparing for the storm.

“I know a lot of people are buying water,” she said. “That’s for sure. People are doing that already. Getting water because that goes fast.”

Suzanne Aresco at AAA said traveling during hurricane season is usually cheaper, but it’s risky.

“You’ve got to worry about flight changes and delays, cruise changes, alterations or cancellations,” she said. “So at AAA we are monitoring this storm.”

She said it’s a good idea to check the cancellation policy as early as possible to avoid unexpected fees.

“If someone booked travel on their own, my suggestion would be to go onto the airline website, go onto the cruise or hotel website and find out do they have weather advisories up.”

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