Hurry Up — Find the Sleds, Shovels, Hats, and Mittens!

First Significant Snowfall on the Way

A winter storm currently dropping snow across Washington, DC and the Mid Atlantic is forecast to move northeast to us here in southern New England by this afternoon.

Right now we're expecting rain to develop across the state during midday Saturday, except it will start as snow in Litchfield County. Elsewhere, the rain will quickly change to snow as colder air gets brought down from the north, first in the hills and last along the shore.

Here's what to expect in your region of the state:

Northwest/Northeast hills:

  • Rain develops around noon Saturday (should start as snow in Litchfield County)
  • Quickly mixes with and changes to snow and sleet
  • Significant accumulation likely by Saturday night (5"-7" in the highest elevations, 3"-5" elsewhere)

Hartford/New Haven

  • Rain develops around noon Saturday
  • Slowly mixes with and changes to snow and sleet by nightfall
  • 1"-3" along the shore with 3"-5" inland

Southeastern Connecticut

  • Rain develops shortly before noon Saturday
  • Rain continues through Saturday evening with a quick change to snow late in the evening
  • A slushy inch or two of accumulation is possible

Though roads will be wet at first, temperatures will fall rapidly through the afternoon and evening making highways and secondary roads quite slippery. The highest snowfall in this storm is expected in the hilltowns on either side of the Connecticut River Valley, but even in the valley and along parts of the shoreline enough snow will fall to be shoveled and plowed.

Stay tuned with the NBC Connecticut Weather Center on air and online for continuing coverage.

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