Husband Stabs Man Who Gave His Wife New Year's Kiss: Cops

Police said a man stabbed another man who was kissing his wife, then punched his wife in the face.

A New Haven man is accused of stabbing the man who gave his wife a New Year’s kiss and punching his wife in the face.

Police responded to 100 South End Road around 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day to investigate a stabbing and found a man whose pants were soaked with blood.

The victim told police that he'd been inside the house for a holiday party and kissed a woman.

That woman's husband took offense to the kiss, grabbed a knife and stabbed him in his thigh, he went on to tell officers, according to police.

He said the man, later identified as Ferdinando Muoio, 25, was still inside and others were holding him.

EMTs treated the victim. Officers found two men holding Muoio down and tried to calm him down.

Muoio told police he’d been drinking and became upset when he walked out back and saw the other man kissing his wife, police said.

Muoio told officers his wife had been in a relationship with the man years ago and said that he didn't remember picking up the knife and stabbing anyone.

Muoio's wife told police the man gave her a New Year's kiss when her husband walked outside.

She said he punched her in the face, used insulting language and went after the man who had kissed her, police said.

Witnesses told investigators it took several other guests to separate the two.

Muoio was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree, assault in the third degree and breach of peace.

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