‘I Heart My Home' Program Offers Energy Coaching For Hartford Residents

Homeowners and renters can learn how to lower their energy bills and keep their homes warm.

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There is snow on the ground, and winter is here to stay. With temperatures dropping, you are probably already looking for ways to cut back on your home energy bill.

Now, there is a service that will teach people living in Hartford how to do that, and it is free.

Along with this week’s cold spell, comes the brand new program called “I Heart My Home.” It teaches people how to give their living space some love by improving its energy efficiency.

“The ‘I Heart My Home’ program is really important because it helps residents to reduce their energy bills. And first and foremost, during a pandemic, when people are struggling, we just really want to make sure our residents are well supported,” Shubhada Kambli, sustainability director for the City of Harford said.

The program is a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability and the City of Hartford. It is funded by a federal grant from Housing and Urban Development.

Announced Monday, ‘I Heart My Home’ enables homeowners and renters in Hartford to meet with an energy coach for free. Anyone interested can call 311 to set up an appointment or fill out an online enrollment survey.

When the consultant arrives, they will look at things like the thermostat, windows, and heating system, and share tips on how to make changes for a lower utility bill.

The coach will pinpoint drafts and air leaks in roofing, doors, or windows and even make on-the-spot improvements.

After the assessment, the average home in Connecticut will see $180 a year in savings.

“We're really excited to support residents who are in need, especially right now, and help folks pay their utility bills that are pretty high,” Kambli said.

Kambli adds that when multiple households across Hartford take part, the environmental impact adds up.

“This helps us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, to ensure that we are really mitigating our environmental impact and supporting future generations,” she said.

The program is also bringing on youth ambassadors, who are supporting the efforts and receiving training on energy efficiency and sustainable building.

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