Ice Dams Could Cause Damage as Warmer Weather Begins

Warmer weather begins to melt snow off of your roof which could case major damage from ice buildup blocking your gutters.

Ice dams, a build up of ice in gutters sending melting ice water inwards rather than out.

"It came through the window, through the casing, and onto the floor," said Rose Lyons.

Lyons knows all about the damage ice dams can bring.

"I've had issues twice now in one of the bedrooms with water coming in," said Lyons.

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"Now the water can't run off the roof and start to creep up under the shingles," said John Bachand of JP Contracting.

Lyons called a contractor to remove her ice dams because warmer weather is on the way.

While down the street Rob Thibault took it upon himself to get rid of his ice issues.

He bought a roof rake and made to not ignore the build up. He also tried to remove snow from his roof soon after the snow storm.

"Yesterday I went out there and kind of scraped everything off and put some rock salt in the gutters," said Rob Thibault.

Buchand said he's seen ice dams so large the removal called for jack-hammers. Lyons said she's seen bills just as big.

"I was lucky the first time it cost about $1,400 but when the ice built up and I had an issue with the garage I think it was close to $10,000" said Lyons, "I want to take care of it before it takes care of me."

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