Ice Crushes Car in Winsted

The owner had just finished paying it off.

A sheet of ice smashed Amanda Hubbard’s car. As upset as she is, the Winsted, Conn. woman said she’s grateful because it could have been much worse.

On Wednesday morning, a huge sheet of ice came off the roof of the building that houses her apartment and landed right on the car she just finished paying off.

Hubbard heard the ice sliding from her roof. By the time she ran to her window, the damage was done -- the roof was crushed. The hood is badly dented, and the ice is still there.

"I kinda freaked out a little bit," she said. "I won't lie."

She’s only had the title since last week.

As Hubbard meets with insurance agents, she said she’s grateful because children live in her building and no one was hurt.

"This could have been my child. This could have been my handicapped sister. This could have been the two children that are upstairs," she said.

She’s also grateful that no one was in the car when the ice came crashing down.

Hubbard said she reached out to NBC Connecticut in the hopes that what happened to her does not happen to someone else.

By sharing her story, she hopes that landlords and homeowners will take precautions before it's too late.

Hubbard is by no means the only person something like this has happened to. There have been several cases of falling ice around the country.

Before the Super Bowl in 2011, a man was badly injured when ice and snow fell from the roof of Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Just last month, ice fell from a skyscraper in lower Manhattan, causing authorities to shut down a two-mile area. 

In December, also in Texas, heavy sheets of ice fell from roofs and smashed vehicles.


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