Ice Missiles Will Cost You

The state's "ice missile" law requires drivers to pay a $75 fine for failing to remove snow and ice from their cars before hitting the roads.

“If a police officer sees you, you can be subject to a fine of about $75. If the flying snow results in an injury or damage to your vehicle, fines certainly are higher,” said AAA Northeast spokesperson Fran Mayko.

Mayko said snow and ice missiles can be extremely dangerous.

“As the victim of the flying ice, you certainly could lose control of your car, but there's also a good chance that your windshield will smash, or you could collide with another person on the roadway,” said Mayko.

Rocky Hill resident Tyler Cote had a close call on the Merritt Parkway on Tuesday.

“I was just driving down the Merritt, and there was a Jeep Cherokee in front of me, going about 65 and the entire top was a sheet of ice and came right off and landed right in front of me. It could have caused a three-car pileup,” he said.

Mayko said it's common courtesy to clear off cars.

“It's not only against the law to this, but it's downright rude. It's common driver etiquette,” she said.

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