In Case You Missed It Weekend Digest: August 17

To help keep you informed on the most shared and talked about stories, each Saturday and Sunday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week, including the most recent updates.

Officer Shot

New Haven Police Captain Anthony Duff is recovering after being shot on Monday night. Duff intervened in a shooting at Dixwell Avenue and Henry Street when he was shot multiple times. The victim of the first shooting died. Duff was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering. Police are still looking for the suspect. For more on the efforts that saved Duff's life, click here.

The manhunt continues for the man who shot and killed a West Haven man and then shot and wounded a New Haven Police Captain earlier this week.

Gym Voyeurism Arrest

Police arrested a man they say was secretly recording men in a locker room a the LA Fitness in South Windsor. Police said gym patrons noticed a phone in an open locker and saw that it was recording. Officers arrested Antonio Selby after they say he approached gym staff and asked to have his phone returned. See more on the arrest here.

A man is under arrest, accused of secretly recording men in a gym locker room in South Windsor.

Nurse Headed to Prison

A former nurse at the Whiting Forensic psychiatric hospital will spend five years in prison for abusing a patient. Mark Cusson was one of 10 people charged in connection with the abuse of the same patient at Whiting. Cusson's attorney said they will appeal the sentence. For more on what Cusson was accused of doing, click here.

A former nurse at Whiting Forensic Division was sentenced for his role in the abuse of a patient at the psychiatric hospital.

Number Neighbor Nightmare

A California woman who thought it would be fun to play the 'Number Neighbor' game by texting someone with a similar cell phone number to hers, ended up with a frightening ordeal. She says the person on the other end began sending texts threatening to kill her and even sent her videos of guns being loaded. See the rest of the terrifying tale here.

In the wake of the tragic Bronx fire, here’s how to keep your kids safe from fires in the home.

Hungry, Ron?

Actor and Oscar-winning director Ron Howard stopped by Frank Pepe's Pizza in New Haven this week. The world-famous pizzeria posted a photo on its Facebook page. Howard, who has directed dozens of films, including "Apollo 13," "Backdraft," and "A Beautiful Mind," is in New Haven filming another movie. For more on his visit, click here.

Ron Howard stopped in at Pepe’s Pizza on Tuesday while he’s in New Haven filming a movie.
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