In Case You Missed It Weekend Digest: March 1

Osceola County Sheriff/File/Anne Foley

To help keep you informed on the most shared and talked about stories, each Saturday and Sunday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week, including the most recent updates.

Market Mayhem

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst week since 2008 due to uncertainty caused by the coronavirus worldwide. The Dow had its largest single-day loss on Thursday, falling nearly 1,200 points, triggering global markets to plunge. In all, the index lost nearly 3,000 points during the week. See more on the markets here.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank nearly 1,200 points Thursday, deepening a weeklong global market rout caused by worries that the coronavirus outbreak will wreak havoc on the global economy.

Workplace Killings

An employee opened fire Wednesday at one of the nation's largest breweries in Milwaukee, killing five fellow workers before taking his own life, police said. All five victims were in the same building at the Molson Coors facility when the gunman began shooting. Police are investigating a possible motive for the shooting. For more on the tragedy, click here.

A senior official brief on the situation said an employee recently fired from the facility returned to the scene and opened fire.

Family Murdered

Officials in Florida are seeking the death penalty for a Colchester physical therapist who is accused of killing his wife, their three children and the family dog in the home they rented in Celebration, Florida, near Orlando. Authorities said Anthony Todt admitted to killing his wife, their three children, and their dog. See more on the death penalty decision here.

The grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of capital murder and one count of animal cruelty against 44-year-old Anthony Todt.

Sanctuary Cities Ruling

The Trump administration can withhold millions of dollars in law enforcement grants to force states to cooperate with U.S. immigration enforcement, a federal appeals court in New York ruled Wednesday in a decision that conflicted with three other federal appeals courts. Connecticut is one of seven states that could be affected by the ruling. For more on the court's decision, click here.

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration can withhold law enforcement grants to force states to comply with federal immigration laws.

Ice Cream Man

He's been called the "Santa Claus of the Summer." After more than 25 years of serving up ice cream in the Town of Madison, Papa Joe Barbato died Tuesday at the age of 89. A retired insurance man, Barbato decided to buy an ice cream truck and bring smiles to children throughout Madison. "He was just the ice cream man. How many people leave this kind of legacy for driving a Good Humor truck?" said Linsley Barbato, Papa Joe's daughter. "It doesn't matter if you are the CEO of a big company or if you are the Good Humor man, you can make a difference." See the heartfelt way people are remembering Papa Joe here.

"Papa Joe" ran an ice cream truck in Madison for decades.
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