In Case You Missed It Weekend Digest: May 4

To help make sure you stay informed on the most shared and talked about stories, each Saturday and Sunday we'll revisit 5 stories from the previous week, including the most recent updates.

Mother Killed in Waterbury

A 33-year-old Waterbury woman was found shot to death in her driveway early Monday morning and her boyfriend is now charged with her killing. Family of Nathalie Feliciano said she feared for her life. Police say Luisito DeJesus shot her in the head and left her dead. DeJesus was arrested after leading police on a multi-town chase that ended in West Hartford. See more on the woman's death and on the suspect here.

The boyfriend of a woman found dead in a Waterbury driveway on Monday faced a judge on murder charges.

Campus Shooting

A gunman opened fire inside a classroom at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte on Tuesday, killing two students and wounding four others. Police arrested the suspect a short time later. One of the students who was killed, Riley Howell, is being hailed as a hero for running at the shooter and tackling him as he was fatally shot. For more on the shooting, click here.

A bottle bomb exploded over the weekend at the AMC movie theater in Tysons Corner, Virginia -- the second time at that facility and the third such incident in the region recently.

Barr Grilled By Senate Democrats

Attorney General William Barr appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about the Mueller Report on Wednesday. Barr was on the defensive after a letter from Mueller surfaced criticizing how the attorney general handled the public release of the special counsel's core findings. Barr testified that he called Mueller after receiving his complaints and Mueller told him he hadn't "misrepresented" the report. See more on the key takeaways from Barr's testimony here.

Bear Attack

A bear killed five goats on a farm in Burlington on Sunday morning. The family that owns the farm says they have seen bears on their property before, but never had one scale the fence to get into the goat pen. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection set a non-lethal trap nearby in the hopes of catching the bear and putting it through a process to change the bear's behavior to stay away from human habitats.  For more on the attack, click here.

The DEEP is trying to trap a bear that killed several goats at a farm in Burlington over the weekend.

Roller Coaster Oops

Two test dummies fell out of a New Jersey roller coaster and landed on a nearby hotel. The incident took place on April 20, but was only revealed this week. The operators of Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City, New Jersey say the roller coaster is safe. They say the water-filled dummies sprung a leak and that allowed them to slip from the harnesses on the ride. See more on the incident here.

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