In Case You Missed It Weekend Digest: October 19

To help keep you informed on the most shared and talked about stories, each Saturday and Sunday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week, including the most recent updates.

Teen Tragedy

Two 17-year-old girls were killed in a one-vehicle crash early Monday morning in the town of Brooklyn. Brenna Ann Larson and Shawnna Wojnowski died after the Ford F-150 pickup they were in hit a guardrail and continued down into a ditch where the truck caught fire. A third 17-year-old was severely injured in the crash. See how the community is coping with the girls' deaths here.

Brenna Ann Larson and Shawnna Wojnowski were killed in a crash in Brooklyn early Monday morning. They were both 17.

Bomb Cyclone

A powerful storm brought down trees and knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers across Connecticut Wednesday night and into Thursday. High winds and heavy rains also led to some coastal and poor-drainage flooding. For more on the damage and cleanup, click here.

There were still about 2,000 people in the dark Thursday night after a bomb cyclone hit the state.

Missing Man Mishap?

Hamden police have launched an internal investigation after learning their officers made contact with a missing Middletown man on the day he was reported missing. Peter Recchia, 59, appeared a bit disoriented when he was found in a woman's home in Hamden on Oct. 3. Officers responded to the scene and determined Recchia wasn't a danger to himself or others, so they let him go. He was reported missing a few hours later. See what police are saying about the investigation here.

Police in Hamden have launched an internal investigation after it was learned their officers made contact with a missing Middletown man on the day he was reported missing.

Syria Turmoil

Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that the U.S. and Turkey had agreed to a five-day cease-fire in northern Syria. The halt in aggression was to allow Kurdish withdrawal from a security zone roughly 20 miles south of the Turkish border. The agreement essentially gives the Turks what they had sought to achieve with their military operation in the first place. Kurdish forces were not party to the agreement and it was not immediately clear if they would comply. For more on the week-long conflict, click here.

Right Place, Right Time

A police officer lunged at and grabbed a man on Monday as the man tried to jump from a bridge in Hartford. Officer Jim Barrett was on bike patrol and heard the call for a disturbed person on the bridge. He was there within moments and grabbed the man as he began to jump. The man was taken to the hospital to receive help. See more on the officer's heroic act here.

Officer Jim Barrett was in the right place at the right time on Monday as he stopped a man from jumping from a Hartford bridge.
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