tropical storm isaias

Insurance Department Offers Resources for Residents Impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias

Power Outages

The state insurance department is offering information and resources for residents who may have been impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias, including those who lost power or had property damage.

The extent of reimbursement and coverage will depend on your individual policies, according to the insurance department, which reminds residents the Atlantic Tropical Storm season continues through November 30.

“It is important to review your policies yearly with your insurance agent or broker to understand what is covered and what the limits are. Keep your policies and insurance contact information in a safe place should your property be damaged, and you must make a claim,” said Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais in a statement. “Call the Department if you have questions or need help.”

Food spoilage due to a power outage is often not covered in basic homeowner, renters or condominium policies, according to the department. However, many companies will offer some coverage or the option for additional or limited coverage.


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