Hartford Police Department Under Investigation

Hartford mayor orders investigation into Internal Affairs


If there's something fishy happening in a police department, Internal Affairs does the investigation. 

But now, an investigation has been ordered in Hartford of the department's Internal Affairs Division.  Mayor Pedro Segarra ordered a third party probe into the Internal Affairs after the division's commanding officer was reassigned.

At the time he was moved from IA, Lt. Neville Brooks was in the middle of an investigation into several high-ranking police officers, including Chief Daryl Roberts. 

The blog "We The People" reports that Brooks has filed a complaint with the Commission of Human Rights and Equal Opportunity over the way in which he was reassigned.

Neither the Police Department, nor the mayor's office are commenting on specifics.  Nancy Mulroy, Public Information Officer for the Hartford Police Department, said in a statement "it would be totally inappropriate for the Chief of department to comment at this time." 

The mayor's office had a similar response, "Internal personnel matters have come to the Mayor's attention and require additional attention so the Mayor is taking diligent but aggressive action," said spokesperson Sarah Barr.

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