Teen Dragged During iPhone Theft

A teen is bruised, but still has his iPhone.

Getty Images

A 15-year-old fought so hard to keep his iPhone from a teenage robber that he has the bruises to show for it. But, he also has the phone.

The teen was walking home from school down Miro Street in Fairfield on Monday afternoon when another teen walked up to him, said he wasn't from the area and asked if he could use the iPhone, police said. 

The victim said yes. When he handed the other teen the phone, the boy took off it, police said. So, the victim followed to retrieve the phone. 

When he caught up to the phone thief, the two fell to the ground and the robber said, “Don’t make me shoot you,” the teen told police. 

Then, the robber reached into his pocket, motioning he had a gun.

Again, the robber ran, but the victim did not give up. He caught the robber as he tried to get into the backseat of a parked car, police said.

Another person was in the driver's seat and sped off, dragging the robber and the victim on the ground, police said. 
The robber managed to run, but the 15-year-old got the phone, along with cuts on his face, neck, knees, lower back and shoulder. 
The teen refused medical attention at the scene. The case remains under investigation.
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