Iran Sanctions Could Cause Rise in Connecticut Gas Prices

Experts are warning drivers that gas prices might keep climbing well into the summer and AAA believes that’s one of the likely effects after the president withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions.

Drivers who spoke with NBC Connecticut said they’re groaning as they watch the average gas price in the state keep climbing and closing in on $3 per gallon for regular.

“I went from $40 to fill my tank to $60 in two weeks,” Southington resident Alyssa Debbisi said.

Connecticut motorists are already paying some of the highest gas prices that they’ve paid in years, according to AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

Parmenter warned that drivers need to prepare themselves for another price hike. She said that might be one of the impacts after President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and will re-instate sanctions.

“The re-imposing of sanctions against Iran will likely affect crude oil prices and that’s the biggest factor when it comes to the price at the pump,” Parmenter said.

That could mean prices could continue to rise well into the summer, instead of reaching a peak around Memorial Day as expected.

That’s unwelcome news, especially for Debbisi, who is a commuter college student.

“There’s really nothing I can do with what I drive, just drive to class every day,” she said.

While Connecticut could break the $3 mark for the statewide average soon, don’t expect to see the impact of sanctions quickly. AAA said an increase in crude oil prices takes weeks or months to show up at the pump.

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