‘It Can Happen to Anybody:' Warning After Children Buy, Consume Edible Marijuana

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Earlier this week, Naugatuck Police say a 10- and 13-year-old got sick after eating edible marijuana they bought after connecting with dealers on Snapchat.

Two people were arrested.

Tuesday, NBC Connecticut spoke to a mom off-camera who said it was her child who was hospitalized.

She said even as involved as she is with her kids’ lives this can happen to anyone, as social media mixed with peer pressure can have very scary consequences.

“It doesn't matter where your children come from, what home they come from whether you have money, you don't have money, it can happen to your child. It can happen to anybody," she warned.

“It is concerning that it's so readily available. Our investigators believe that the contraband was between $35 and 40,000 worth of contraband,” said Deputy Chief Colin McAllister.

Naugatuck police said they made two arrests in a parking lot on Spring Street Sunday night.

They said they found as $6,675, 40 packets of edible THC gummies, 176 THC vape cartridges, 106 Nicotine vape cartridges and 4.89 pounds of marijuana including THC "wax" type concentrate in their car.

Police said family members of the two relatives who got sick lured the dealers to that location on the premise that the kids wanted to make another purchase.

When the suspects arrived, police said the adults detained them until they were called to the scene.

“They had taken steps on their own to try and locate those who were responsible. Normally we would not recommend that,” said McAllister.

Police reminded people Tuesday to contact them first if you think a crime has occurred.

“In this particular case, the investigators determined that there was no need for criminal action against parents however we cant rule that out in every instance and these things can go sideways very easily,” he said.

“Sometimes when you're a parent you act before you think and that's what happened here,” said the mother, who said at the end of the day she's happy to have helped police so no one else could have made another purchase.

She told NBC Connecticut she's grateful the kids are feeling better now and social media has been banned from their house.

"Nobody is a perfect parent. You don't get an instruction manual on how to raise children, especially in 2020. "

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