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‘It's Got to Stop': Community Gathers for Violence Prevention Meeting in New Haven

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It’s been a deadly start to the year in New Haven. Now after a string of homicides, some in the city are demanding more be done to keep people safe.

“We can’t be afraid to come out of our houses. It’s got to stop,” said Mark Barros of New Haven.

Barros was among those praying for peace at a community meeting about violence.

“I’ve seen it for long enough. I’ve witnessed a bullet come through my window. I’ve got a 4-year-old grandson and there’s a lot of kids in the neighborhood. And it’s terrifying sometimes,” Barros said.

Gun violence was on the mind of many after a series of homicides in the city.

“Very tough start. We’ve had five murders. That does not include all the gunshots within our community,” said Dr. Boise Kimber, First Calvary Baptist Church.

Kimber and other clergy are hoping to forge partnerships with community groups, police and prosecutors.

They spoke about plans and ideas including officers walking beats and tougher rules when it comes to certain guns and accessories.

Those doing outreach work think about a continuum of care that ranges from those impacted by violence to those coming out of prison to kids in the city.

“What are barriers to education more broadly for young people, what’s the barrier to housing? How can we leverage our position to see the full landscape of what’s going on with violence prevention?” said Dijonee Talley, New Haven Department of Community Resilience special projects director.

Speakers  – including prosecutors – think some of their ideas need state help.

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