Please Yale, Pick Me

Howard Dean hopes to teach at Yale

He graduated from Yale in 1971, now former Vermont Governor and former presidential candidate Howard Dean is hoping to go full circle and get on the university faculty. 

Dean has applied to teach a seminar called "Understanding Politics and Politicians."  He would teach the class with fellow alum, David Berg.

Dean most recently was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee and said his hopes of becoming a Yale professor don't mean the end of his days in Washington. 

"I am not transitioning from politics to academia," Dean told the Yale Daily News. "I will still be very much involved in politics. The reason I am doing this is because I am a huge fan of Yale and I had a great experience there."

Dean dreams of becoming a professor might not become a reality, however. Some say the seminar could focus too much on personal stories rather than empirical data. 

The proposal is under review.

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