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Jennifer Dulos' Father's Estate Files Lawsuit Against Attorney Norm Pattis

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Attorneys representing Jennifer Dulos’ father’s estate filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Fotis Dulos’ criminal attorney Norm Pattis asking that Pattis return the remainder of the $250,000 retainer his client paid to Dulos’ estate.

The attorneys allege there were also substantial payments made directly and indirectly by Fotis to Pattis including payments made by and into third parties that were unrelated to Dulos’ case.

The attorneys say Jennifer’s father’s estate was and is a creditor of Fotis and his estate and that the retainer and payments constitute fraudulent transfers.

The attorneys also argue Pattis has disbursed the funds he received from Fotis and are now demanding Pattis provide accounting records.

Pattis’ attorney release a statement this afternoon saying in part: “This is an utterly frivolous and meritless lawsuit which appears to have been brought on behalf of the woman who bears a large measure of responsibility for the tragedy that has enveloped this family.  We not only intend to defend the case vigorously, but after we prevail we will seek compensation from everyone responsible for bringing it.”

Fotis Dulos was accused of murdering his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos who has been missing since May of last year. He maintained his innocence until he died after an attempt to take his own life in January. Jennifer has never been found.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

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