Jets’ Star Defender Sued for Throwing Snowball at Fan: Report

Lawsuit stems from December 2008 incident after Seahawk win eliminated Jets from playoffs

Aaron Ekblad
Getty Images

That's just cold.

Jets superstar defensive end Shaun Ellis, fresh over an astounding Gang Green victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, reportedly got sacked with a recent lawsuit from a Seahawks fan who claims he suffered severe injury when the mammoth player chucked a snowball at him in Seattle two years ago.

The notorious incident, captured in perpetuity in the YouTube clip below, happened after a Jets loss to the Seahawks in December 2008. Apparently frustrated by the playoff-eliminating defeat, Ellis grabbed a pile of packed snow and hurled it into the crowd, hitting Seahawks fan Robert Larsen, according to the lawsuit cited by TMZ.   

At the time, Ellis, currently the Jets' longest tenured defensive player, said the frigid toss was "all in fun." But Larsen claims the player targeted him because he was holding a pro-Seahawks poster -- and that he suffered physical and emotional trauma as a result of the snowball "attack," TMZ reports.

Aside from humiliation, mental distress and bodily harm, the Seahawks season ticket holder says the hit he took from Ellis cost him financially in terms of lost wages, according to the website.

It wasn't immediately clear how much Larsen sought to gain from the lawsuit.

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