Jewish Community Leaders Providing Passover Food Assistance

Nearly $1 million was raised to provide Seder meals and other support to members of the Jewish community as Passover approaches.

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The Jewish Federation and the Jewish Foundation of Greater Hartford have joined forces to provide relief efforts during this trying time. They say they’ve raised three-quarters of $1 million to provide financial assistance, social services and on Tuesday, food for those in need.

“We’ve had people on the phone crying when they literally hear we’re able to provide this,” said David Waren, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.

With Passover beginning Wednesday, faith leaders in the Greater Hartford Jewish community were packing grocery bags and making deliveries, providing Seder meals for those who might be struggling.

“We bought about 1,500 kosher for Passover meals and we have catered meals as well,” said Jacob Schreiber, president and CEO of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Hartford.

The Jewish Federation says its staff – normally comprised of educators and social service providers - have transformed completely in the past two weeks to become food logistics experts.

“What we’re seeing today, despite all of the social isolation, despite all of the challenges, is an incredible spirit of volunteerism,” said Waren.

That staff packed cars will food Tuesday, helping people who might not otherwise be able to have a traditional Seder meal.

“There are homebound seniors. There’s people that can’t get out and there’s people that just need extra help,” explained Schreiber.

Organizers say providing for their community is their core function, and being able to do it during these trying time means everything.

“A lot of people this is helping, is not only going to help them eat but hopefully brighten their holiday a bit too,” said Schreiber.

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