John Mayer Serves Up More Than Music at Show

John Mayer gave fans heading to his Jones Beach show a hint on Wednesday afternoon that tailgating that night might be something out of the ordinary.

“If you're coming to the Jones Beach show tonight, turn your geo-tagging on when you tweet. I wanna talk to tailgaters,” he tweeted at 3:33 p.m. on Wednesday.

Fairfield’s favorite crooners’ surprise came rolling in as fans waited for his show to begin. It was a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck and he was scooping out free samples of Heath Bar and Milk and Cookies, Rolling Stone reports.

"We had an idea of catering to the tailgating crowd, and the epitome of the sound of summer is ice cream truck bells," Michael McDonald, Mayer's manager, told Rolling Stone.

Mayer’s heading here for a show on Aug. 7 at the Comcast Theatre, so local fans might want to watch for John’s tweets, because you never know if he’ll do something here.

"It'll pop up a few more times. It gives a random lucky few fans the ability to have that intimate moment (with Mayer) before they're in a crowd of 15,000." McDonald told Rolling Stone – and added that Mayer’s summer vibe is "very light, very airy and trying to have a lot of fun and give people a great night to remember."

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