Decision 2020

Judge Blocks Mail Changes As Election Day Approaches

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There are concerns about the United States Postal Service as many people are expected to vote absentee for the upcoming election.

Now a federal judge is taking action amid worries mail service has slowed down.

“This is an important victory,” said William Tong, D, Connecticut's attorney general.

On Thursday, Tong announcing a federal judge blocked the Post Office from making changes to mail service with the election not far off.

“He found that the postmaster general and the president were intentionally using the Postal Service for partisan political purposes,” said Tong.

Connecticut and 13 other states have accused the president and postmaster general of undermining mail service, including by removing machines like one in Hartford.

In response, the USPS Election Mail Committee Chair wrote:

“Any suggestion that there is a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service is completely and utterly without merit.”

The Postal Service argues its number one priority is to deliver election mail on-time.

But others aren’t so sure.

“The Postal Service is a little uncertain these days,” said Denise Merrill, D – secretary of the state.

Merrill says people planning to vote absentee should take their ballot to the special dropbox in their community.

Amid the pandemic and expanded absentee availability, people choosing absentee has jumped from 5% to 68%.

“I want people to have confidence that their vote actually got counted fairly and accurately,” said Merrill.

The Postal Service says it’s reviewing its legal options.

And Connecticut’s Attorney General promises the fight is not over.

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