Judge Rules Bridgeport Democratic Primary Results Will Stand

A lawsuit alleged misconduct surround absentee ballots

A judge has ruled that the results of the Bridgeport Democratic primary will stand after allegations of misconduct surrounding absentee ballots.

Judge Barry Stevens ruled Thursday that errors made during the primary were not great enough to cause a change in the outcome of the race. The decision comes after weeks of testimony in the case brought on by three voters alleging there were irregularities and illegalities in Bridgeport’s absentee ballots during the September 10 Democratic primary election.

Judge Stevens also ruled that had the case been brought by a candidate, instead of voters, it would have had more validity.

"Those types of irregularities were very few in nature and in any democracy the system is not 100 percent perfect we’re going to have some irregularities," said John Bohannon, the defendant's attorney.

"We do need election reform we need election reform without absentee ballots are processed applied for issued and received by clerks offices all around the state," argued Prerna Rao, the plaintiff attorney.

According to the Secretary of the State, Mayor Joe Ganim won the absentee total with 916 votes to Sen. Marilyn Moore’s 313. It was also determined that Moore lost by more than 270.

Moore released a statement saying in part: “While I wasn’t a party in the case, I am happy it exposed just how deeply corrupt the absentee ballot harvesting operation of the Democratic Town Committee runs.”

Ganim is expected to hold a press conference Thursday afternoon.

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