Judge to Decide on Trooper Layoffs

The troopers are fighting to get their jobs back.

A hearing will be held on Thursday morning to determine if dozens of state troopers who lost their jobs can get them back.

The layoffs came about after the union voted down part of Gov. Dannel Malloy's labor concession's deal.

The troopers lost a temporary injunction in August to stop the cuts and the union sued to reverse the layoffs.

The union’s argument hinges on the number 1,248, which a state law enacted 10 years ago set as the minimum number of troopers required to be employed at any time, the Hartford Courant reports.

Officials from the state police union told the Courant that with the latest cuts, they have 184 less troopers than the statutory minimum.

The Malloy administration is arguing sovereign immunity, which essentially means that the state cannot violate the law and therefore cannot be subject to a civil lawsuit, the Courant reports.

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